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DEME is a world leader in the specialised domains of dredging, marine infrastructure, solutions for the offshore energy market, environmental works and concessions. We can build on almost 150 years of knowhow and experience and have embraced a pioneering approach throughout our history, being a front runner in innovation and new technologies.

While DEME’s roots are in Belgium, the company has established a strong presence across all the seas and continents worldwide. Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable future by providing solutions to global challenges: climate change, a growing population and urbanisation, increasing maritime trade and environmental challenges. With a team of over 5,300 skilled professionals and a fleet of over 100 specialised vessels, DEME is equipped to deliver innovative solutions to help build a better, liveable world.

  • +5,300
  • 100+
    vessels and equipment
  • 80
  • Nearly 150
    years of experience

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Ethics and Business Integrity

DEME Code of Ethics and Business Integrity
The DEME Code of Ethics and Business Integrity is based on the principle that we should always act with honesty and integrity in all matters. The Code’s purpose is to help our employees engage in the right behaviour and align with our core values. Complying with our Code of Ethics and Business Integrity paves the way for stronger relationships by enhancing the trust between us and our stakeholders. Our Code and its related documents provide useful guidance in making sound ethical business decisions in our daily work and inspire dialogue about the key ethics and compliance issues that we may face. We also developed a DEME Code of Ethics and Business Integrity for Business Partners, based on the same principles.

Raising and reporting integrity issues
At DEME we believe that the final building block of our integrity programme is the possibility for both our personnel as well as any concerned third party to raise integrity concerns without fear of reprisal. For guidance on this topic we refer to our “Whistleblowing Policy Summary”.

Social dialogue
We are convinced that social dialogue and open communication between employees and management are essential for creating optimal and safe working conditions, establishing a fair policy in terms of working conditions and successfully executing all our activities.

Code of Ethics & Business Integrity for Business Partners

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