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This project aimed to increase the port handling capacity at the port of Gioia Tauro, Italy by dredging the port channel to -17 m mean sea level (MSL) and by improving 1,895 m of the existing operational quay wall to support Super Post-Panamax vessels and a crane.


DEME carried out deepening works in the harbour, dredging to - 17 m and -16 m by the quay wall. Representing a total sand volume of 1.2 million m3, the dredged material was then used for beach nourishment at Gioia Tauro and S. Ferdinando (2,000 m).

Jet grouting for consolidation of diaphragm foundation

As well as the dredging works, we levelled the sea bottom and realised the foundations of 758 prefabricated elements (6.2 x 2.4 x 6 m) made from reinforced concrete.

Then the structural improvement of the quay was required to reinstate the staticity following the deepening works, and to implement the existing structure. Approximately 2,000 m of new track beams were constructed, founded on 316 armoured concrete diaphragms at depths of – 18 m.

Finally, we constructed a treatment plant for meteoric waters and paved 80,000 m2 of quay with modified Split Mastic Asphalt, as well as installing and performing aluminothermic welding on the track type MRS125.

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