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Due to increasing demand for offshore wind energy, the Port of Rotterdam decided to develop Offshore Terminal Rotterdam to expand the production and storage capacity for wind turbine monopiles. The quay wall has been designed to handle the largest jack-up vessels operating in the North Sea and huge foundation piles (monopiles with a length of up to 100 m and a diameter of 10 -11 m).

Breughel (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger) at port of Terminal Rotterdam (vertical picture)


In a joint venture, ‘OTR Civiel’, DEME was awarded a contract to construct the quay, which is 465 m long and has a retaining height of 30 m. This project involved both our dredging and infra expertise.

Our scope included:

  • Excavation/dredging and slope protection
  • Creating construction pit (excavate/supplement)
  • Installation of screw injection piles
  • Constructing combined wall Ø1420-PU28 and MV piles
  • Constructing L-shaped wall/floor in reinforced concrete
  • Soil supplement on relieving floor
  • Fitting of quay facilities

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